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Prime Biopolymers trusts ZwickRoell’s professionalism

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Prime Biopolymers trusts ZwickRoell’s professionalism

At Prime Biopolymers, a bioplastics company, we have ZwickRoell’s support to add state-of-the-art technology to our R&D lab.

At Prime Biopolymers we work on the latest developments and solutions in the industry and devote a wealth of knowledge and resources to the research and development of new materials.

In addition, we have the experience of a very demanding team of doctors in chemistry and materials who have considered that ZwickRoell teams are the perfect choice to strengthen the viability of our projects.

ZwickRoell, professionalism and confidence assured

ZwickRoell is known in the industry as a leading and innovative company in materials testing. That is why for us it becomes a reliable partner that can guarantee us accurate and reliable results.

During its more than 160 years of history, ZwickRoell has become a synonym for excellent technical capability and reliability in materials testing. From Prime Biopolymers we trust them because they are a world-leading company.

Prime Biopolymers relies on ZwickRoell accuracy

Our first objective is to offer our customers a tailor-made solution for their needs and an exclusive bioplastic for their manufacturing process. Therefore, our main need is to have a laboratory team that provides information in an agile and accurate way.


Also, the bioplastic characterization laboratory that has been, in part, completed with ZwickRoell equipment allows us to fully characterize the thermal, mechanical, rheological and chemical properties of the materials.

Thanks to the technology offered by ZwickRoell and the specialists our team has, we have everything necessary for the development of custom grades, adapting bioplastics to various processing situations and thus achieving a manufacturing model based on the circular economy.