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Bioplastics for film manufacturing

fabricacion bioplasticos para film

A sustainable alternative to traditional plastics

We have an extensive catalogue of ZIMIA grades explicitly developed for film with different properties and characteristics that adapt perfectly to your manufacturing needs. Contact us and we will help you discover which ZIMIA best suits your blow molding requirements. In addition, we have the possibility of making customized developments and transparent, translucent and opaque grades.

ZIMIA will help you achieve a sustainable manufacturing.



Innovative solutions for the market

Suitable for conventional machinery

Reduce carbon footprint

Comply with European Standars

Ok Compost Certification

100% compostable and bio-based

What can be made with bioplastics for film?

bobina film compostable

Film rolls

bolsas de film compostables



Courier envelopes

extrusion termoformado contacto

At Prime Biopolymers we develop bioplastics adapted to your manufacturing processes and product requirements.

Bioplastics are already a reality and can be used in numerous applications. Do you have doubts concerning the process? Contact us and our technical department will help you solve them.

What our customers say

“We are very happy with the result. ZIMIA has properties that help improve the material with greater ease”

“Having several grades of ZIMIA to test blow molding allowed us to choose the one that best suited our project”

“Thanks to the technical team we were able to find a perfect grade for us”

For more information about bioplastics for film, please feel free to reach us.