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Prime Biopolymers

Sustainable Innovation

About us

Prime Biopolymers helps companies to develop sustainable production, in line with the provisions of the circular economy and the environmental requirements of the end consumer.

We support our customers through the transition from conventional petroleum-based plastics to environmentally friendly, biodegradable plastics.


Our solutions focus on the particular needs of each company, developing specific grades of bioplastic for each costumer’s processes and machinary.
we advise our costumers so that they can adapt to the current regulations reflected in Directive 2018/852 of the European Comission.

Why Prime Biopolymers?

Because we are passionate about costumers’ projects, their processes and the challenges the present to us.

Custom-made solutions

We work by putting the costumer’s needs at the centre of our actions in order to meet all their expectations.

Environmental Awareness

We are committed to a sustainable future in the plastics industry.


This is the the key value to providing our customers with the best solution and added value.

Scientific Rigour

Thanks to our laboratory and dedicated team, we are able to meet the demands of the sector with great precision.


We work with an efficient and agile working methodology in decision-making.


We quickly resolve any doubts that arise during the process.

Our mission

Prime Biopolymers seeks to add value to the plastics industry and achieve a model based on a circular economy. Our main objective is to offer the best bioplastics solution for each company’s needs.


Our laboratory offers a wide range of opportunities for the exploration of new technologies.

Bioplastics characterisation laboratory

We have a complete polymer characterisation laboratory dedicated exclusively to the analysis of bioplastics.

We have the ability to fully characterise the thermal, mechanical, rheological and chemical properties of different materials.

Bioplastics development laboratory

At our facilities we have all the equipment we need for the development of customised grades with high efficiency. The experience of our research team, with PhDs in chemistry and materials, allows us tu adapt bioplastics to different processing situations.


In the R&D facilities, we have a blending manufacturing line that allows us to adapt with great dynamism to the variations of our costumers’ machinery.

We also offer the possibility of covering a production levels from pilot scale during the start of development to industrial scale with large volume production.



In 2030, the European Comission Directive 2018/852 will be implemented, which obliges the processing industry to adapt its materials and manufacturing methods towards a future based on the circular economy.

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