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Extrusion termoformado

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Extrusion termoformado

Extrusion thermoforming

Bioplastics for extrusion thermoforming manufacturing

An alternative to conventional plastics

Our R&D team has carried out the development of different ZIMIA grades for the production of items, components and packaging through this type of manufacturing. With our customized bioplastics developments, you can find a wide variety of grades of different colors, properties and characteristics for thermoforming. Contact us and we will help you to find out which ZIMIA best suits your requirements.



Innovative solutions for the market

Suitable for conventional machinery

Reduce carbon footprint

Comply with European regulations

Ok Compost certification

100% compostable and bio-based

What can be produced with bioplastics for thermoformed extrusion?

extrusion termoformado reposteria

Confectionary trays

extrusion bandejas frescos

Vegetable packaging

extrusion termoformado blisters

Clamshell containers

extrusion termoformado vasos de fruta

Fruit containers

extrusion termoformado bandejas catering

Catering trays

extrusion termoformado blister

Blíster packs

extrusion termoformado contacto

At Prime Biopolymers we develop bioplastics tailored to your manufacturing processes

At Prime Biopolymers we develop bioplastics tailored to your manufacturing processes and product requirements. Bioplastics are already a reality and can be used in countless applications.

What our customers say

“ZIMIA has impressed us with its good performance in the forming process inside the cavities in each of the preforms of the molds

“The material adapts perfectly to the different production processes of vacuum forming and die-cutting

“ZIMIA allows us to carry out mass production with sustainable materials. It is a real solution to our problems

For more information about bioplastics for thermoformed extrusion, please feel free to reach us

extrusion termoformado contacto