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ZIMIA Bioplastic We help you in your transition process towards the circular economy

Tailor-made developments We develop bioplastics adapted to your needs and machinery We develop bioplastics adapted to your needs and machinery
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We are the partner you need for the creation of your products

Ok Compost Certification
No need to change machinery
Customized grades development
Regulatory compliance
Large scale supply
Sample shipment and material testing

We develop bioplastics for the following processes:

We help you comply with European regulations and adapt to consumer requirements

packaging sostenible biodegradable

The demand for compostable packaging continues to grow for a variety of reasons:

✓  By 2030 all packaging manufactured in Europe must be recyclable, reusable or compostable.

✓  Consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally responsible products and brands.

✓  The environmental problem is forcing companies to look for more sustainable alternative products.

What our customers say

“The grades developed by Prime Biopolymers have been validated on conventional machinery and at industrial level. In addition, they have provided us with both opaque and transparent grades”

Production Manager

 “The conclusions of the project have been favorable. It has shown that mass production is possible with ZIMIA grades”

R&D Manager

“Having a supplier to walk you through the validation of the materials has been key during the process”

Technical Manager


We help you in the transition towards the circular economy

Our solutions focus on the particular needs of each company, developing specific bioplastic grades for each process and machinery