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Exclusive Bioplastics
Compostable grades developed to adapt with the specific characteristics of each type of machinery
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ZIMIA Grades
A catalogue of standard grades is offered for each sector
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2030 Regulation
Do you have any doubts on how to deal with the European Packaging Directive 2018/852?
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Customised developments

We translate customer requirements into a specific grade of biodegradable resin.

We create a unique bioplastic for each application and type of machinery.


At Prime Biopolymers we have a catalogue of grades with very good performance in machinery.

These are biopolymers that respond to the demands of a more sustainable market and that can be used by different processing methods.


In order to adapt our economy to a more sustainable model and to comply with the different regulations on the use of plastic, we provide a consultancy service to guide you during your transition towards a model based on a circular economy.

Our laboratory and our manufacturing possibilities allow us to adapt to all requirements.

Scientific rigour and agility are two key pieces in our day to day. In this way, our costumers get all the answers they need.

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