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Extrusion blow molding

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Extrusion blow molding

Extrusion blow molding

Bioplastics for extrusion blow molding

bioplasticos para extrusion soplado

We offer you a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastics

Our R&D team has developed specific biopolymers for extrusion blow molding. As these grades are adapted for this type of production, they have the optimal mechanical and rheological characteristics to be processed without having to make changes in your machinery and are fully adjusted to the needs of the process.

Do you have doubts about which of all our grades is the right one for the manufacture of your products? Contact us and our experts will advise you.

More information

Innovative solutions for the market

Suitable for conventional machinery

Reduce carbon footprint

Comply with European regulations

Ok Compost certification

100% compostable and bio-based

What can be produced with bioplastics for extrusion blow molding?

botella higiene extrusion soplado

Personal hygiene bottles

bote cosmética extrusion soplado

Cosmetic bottles and jars

cohete pirotécnico extrusion soplado

Pyrotechnic material

bodegon productos extrusion soplado

At Prime Biopolymers we develop bioplastics adapted to your production and to the requirements of your molds and products.

Bioplastics are already a reality and can be used in countless applications. If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us.    

What our customers say

“The parison is uniform and thanks to that we wew able to carry out the manufacturing of the packaging

“The processability of the material is adequate and the technical team accompanied us during the testing of the different materials

“Before putting it in the machine, we had doubts about the behaviour of the materials. But the technical department advised us and accompanied us to carry it successfully”

For more information about bioplastics for extrusion blow molding, please feel free to reach us