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Why sustainable packaging is a good alternative for your business?

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Why sustainable packaging is a good alternative for your business?

Sustainable packaging is a type of packaging whose main purpose is to protect the environment and seek sustainable alternatives to the current use and throw economic system.

This type of sustainable packaging is based on a circular economy model that tries to reduce waste generation and recycle and reuse raw materials as many times as possible. In other words, it increases the life cycle of products either through their recyclability or compostability or through reuse.

The packaging industry accounts for over one-third of the world’s plastics production. And, this material generates major environmental problems due to different factors that prevent proper waste management.

Faced with this situation, companies from different sectors are committed to the search for new materials that allow the manufacture of more sustainable packaging. Do you want to know the benefits and advantages of using sustainable packaging? Continue reading!

Packaging your products with sustainable packaging can bring great benefits not only for the environment but also for business. Here are some of them:

Carbon footprint reduction

The carbon footprint is used to quantify the impact of a product, service or activity on the environment. In this way, companies know the level of pollution and greenhouse gases they create with their activity.

By using sustainable packaging, the company’s carbon footprint is substantially reduced, since it can be bio-based or compostable packaging that makes less use of non-renewable resources and is subsequently transformed into compost to give rise to the life or a new plant.

packaging sostenible

Improves brand image

Sustainable packaging has become part of the image that the brand conveys to consumers. Therefore, when we use sustainable packaging, we manage to project more responsible and environmentally values that favors the company.

This way, we provide an emotional value to the consumer which makes them feel part of this commitment to nature. In fact, according to a study by Trivium Packaging, 86% of consumers would be willing to pay more for more sustainable packaging.

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Adaptation to regulations

The new Law on Waste and Contaminated Soild and European Regulations have as a priority to promote the use of sustainable packaging such as biodegradable, compostable or recycled packaging.

Faced with a legal framework which obliges companies to use sustainable packaging, it is advisable to anticipate in order to be able to offer consumers an eco-packaging that adapts to the new regulations, which are increasingly restrictive with the use of conventional plastic.

Aspects to take into account when starting out in sustainable packaging

Before making the leap towards sustainable packaging, it is important that you take into account different aspects that can influence the transition to a more economical model.

Study well the material of your new sustainable packaging

First of all, apart from being clear about the different benefits of sustainable packaging, we recommend that you test your new packaging. By doing this, you can test the different materials in small quantities and assess which one works best with your product.

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Support local production

By reducing the energy consumption that your packaging needs to be manufactured, you reduce the carbon footprint it generates. In addition, betting on local production will help promote local commerce.

Explain how waste should be managed

Even if the material with which your packaging is made is sustainable, you have to explain correctly to the users or consumers of your product how to manage the waste generated. For example: if you choose to use compostable packaging, it is important that you inform them that this packaging must be deposited in the organic container to be subsequently transferred to a composting plant.

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Inform your customers that you are a sustainable brand

As mentioned above, companies that make use of sustainable materials are highly recognized by consumers. It is important that you show your new sustainable policies through the different communication channels of the company such as social networks, websites or the sustainable packaging itself.

Tendencias del packaging sostenible para 2023

Al igual que otras modas, el packaging se adapta a los requerimientos, gustos y necesidades de los consumidores, que van cambiando con el paso del tiempo. Actualmente, las tendencias del packaging sostenible son la búsqueda de nuevos materiales más respetuosos con el medioambiente, la funcionalidad y la personalización.

Sustainable packaging trends for 2023

Like other fashions, packaging adapts to the requirements, tastes and needs of consumers, which change over time. Currently, the trends in sustainable packaging are the search for new, more environmentally friendly materials, functionality and customization.

packaging sostenible

A safe product thanks to packaging

COVID-19 has given rise to a scenario in which packaging has become an essential part of enhancing product safety. This trend has occurred not only in the food sector but also in all industries and sectors.

In this sense, the pandemic has also boosted the growth of takeaway packaging which, being a single-use and fast-consumption packaging, more and more brands are opting to use sustainable packaging and thus avoid further waste generation.

Customizable and story-telling packaging

Packaging is a very important part of the user experience. Therefore, packaging that tells a story and is customizable by consumers by making them feel more involved and linked to the product.

As you can see, it is essential that your packaging is sustainable and unique. That is why at Prime Biopolymers we help you in the development of packaging with environmentally friendly compostable materials and totally customized.

What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate any longer and make the leap to sustainable packaging.