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Plast Milano 2023: Innovation and Bioplastics

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Plast Milano 2023

Plast Milano 2023: Innovation and Bioplastics

On September 5-8, Fiera Milano (Rho) was the epicenter of innovation and sustainability in the plastics and rubber industry during Plast 2023. With a net area of 50.000 m2 and the attendance of more than 38.000 visitors, this edition stood out as a truly successful event.

Some revealing facts and figures

Plast 2023, partnered by Rubber (dedicated tu rubber), 3D Plast (focused on 3D printing) and PlastMat (innovative materials), presented a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions in key areas such as digitization and sustainability. This event attracted 1.323 exhibitors, with 47% of them coming from overseas, underlining the international character.

Feria Plast 2023

The visitors, who filled the pavilions, represented a significant international audience, with 26% of people coming from 109 countries. Europe led the way with 63,89%, followed by Asia with a solid 20,22%.

The positive result proved that Plast continues to be an attractive event for different audiences from all over the world.

Industry evolution towards sustainability

At Plast Milano 2023, it was clear that sustainability is becoming the core of the plastics industry. New materials, compostable solutions and the circular economy were recurring themes and topics if discussion. From what we heard at the show, the next edition will focus even more on sustainability for the Italian market as a beacon for the rest of the world.

charlas feria plast 2023

Italy, known as a pioneer in flexible packaging, demostrated its commitment to sustainability. An example of this was the production of compostable materials and the use of them for blowing bags used for samples. This marked a contrast to previous fairs, where conventional resins were commonly used.

Prime Biopolymers at Plast 2023

For Prime Biopolymers, Plast Milano 2023 was a very enriching experience. Participating in this fair allowed us to keep track of all the developments in the sector and strengthen our relationships with partners and customers. Being present at an event that highlights sustainability reaffirms our commitment to the protection of the environment.

In a context of change and rising environmental awareness, we are set to continue to offer leading solutions in bioplastics. The show was an invaluable platform to learn, share knowledge and collaborate with other industry players.

Plast Milano 2o23 reaffirms that sustainability is the way os the future in the plastics industry and Prime Biopolymers is determined to lead the way. We look forward to the next editions of the show, where we will continue to move towards a more sustainable world, together with our valued partners and customers.